About Welds Tracker

WELDS TRACKER is a software application that will help you gain control and visibility of your welding processes and operations in terms of maintenance, quality and productivity.

Welds Tracker is a powerful tool that  will help you boost efficiency, reduce wasted resources, increase reliability, and promote more effective management of welders. Most importantly, Welds Tracker makes scheduling easier, and helps prevent problems—before they occur.

WT is also better suited to manage, maintain, and track your equipment and welding assets. It is built specifically for welding industry and is designed to help manufacturing facilities to solve their critical asset performance challenges.


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    Welds Tracker Team

    Our team is formed by well experienced professionals in robotics and welding operations, as well as some of brilliant software development experts. The combined knowledge allow us to see through welding manufacturing big challenges. With the tight market competition and 0% quality tolerance allowed by big tier 1 automotive customers,  suppliers have very slim window to thrive when it comes to convincing their customers. No matter how advanced their technology and lean manufacturing is, running the day to day production, without paying a close attention to small details will deprive them from thriving and reaching bigger goals.

    Why do I need a welding management software like Welds Tracker

    As the chart above shows, the cost of detecting a weld’s quality defect in an earlier stage is much lower than the cost if issues are found at the end of the process. Investing in a smart tool like Welds Tracker to find and address these small anomalies in an earlier stage of your operations is paramount to stay competitive and attract more business.