Better together

As an AZ Robotics partner, you will be connected to a new set of opportunities to reach new customers, grow your revenue, and accelerate your sales.


Why Partner With Us?

Join the winning team

AZ Robotics (by Welds Tracker), is revolutionizing how companies should schedule, organize, and track their welding assets. We will help you reduce your maintenance cost and boost your revenue.

Use our welding expertise

We are welding experts with an extensive experience in the field, very familiar with the majority of welding processes and welding robots. Get an outsider opinion about your welding programs.

Earning potential

Partners earn commission on AZ Robotics’ Welds Tracker software when they introduce us to companies that become new AZ Robotics customers. Welding professionals are also welcome to help introduce our software to their contacts and ear commission.

Active one-on-one collaboration

We can’t do it alone and neither can you, so we make sure we support all of our partners and are actively involved in collaborating, assisting and improving their systems.
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