Accessible. Anytime. Anywhere!

Welds Tracker is accessible anytime and anywhere as it is built in the cloud. Every user will be assigned a private and secured login credentials, with which he/she will be able to access welds data from any device regardless of the screen size (desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone), as long as it’s connected to the internet.
Being deployed in the cloud makes WT 100% accessible to everyone involved, allowing group discussions and making support and assistance available whenever an issue is raised.

WELDS TRACKER has a “Quick Entry” feature beside being a responsive web application,

which makes it mobile-friendly, as very often, users are in the production floor and have no access to a computer.
It only takes few minutes to update or modify a welds parameters using a tablet or smart phone, avoiding therefor having to note changes on a paper or remember it for later in the day.