One solution for all your needs

Welds tracker drives the welding aspect of your assets with standard, critical documentation, keeping everyone informed and organized. We built WT with ALL users in mind, employing a simple, truly simple-to-use interface for efficient, effective, technically useful welding equipment management for:

MONITORING: by having access to results of every “Tear down” or “Cross section check” tests when they happen
PLANNING: by allowing supervisors and managers to assign jobs to their employees, appropriately by qualifications and expertise.
TRACKING: by recording each and every change to each and every weld program across the entire plant.

ORDERING: by Instant access to accurate, timely reports on everything monitored, hence, instant ordering of any required spare parts such as welding tips or electrodes.

CONTROLLING: by Password protection implementation. Who does what and when, based on their role. Including notifications in case of parameters limits exceeding.