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WELDS TRACKER is a software application that will help you gain control and visibility of your welding processes and operations in terms of maintenance, quality and productivity. Welds Tracker is a powerful tool that will help you boost efficiency, reduce wasted resources, increase reliability, and promote more effective management of welders. Most importantly, Welds Tracker makes scheduling easier, and helps prevent problems—before they occur. WT is also better suited to manage, maintain, and track your equipment and welding assets. It…

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Built with users in mind

Welds Tracker is built by welding expert with extensive experience in the welding operations and not by some fancy softwareRead More »

Extend asset life and increase the efficiency

WT is a software that can help you digitize and optimize your welding operations to reach new levels of efficiency.Read More »

Accessible. Anytime. Anywhere!

Welds Tracker is accessible anytime and anywhere as it is built in the cloud. Every user will be assigned aRead More »

Reduce maintenance cost

One of the best strategies to keeping your plant’s assets healthy is to have the suitable measurement system in place.Read More »

Why Welds Tracker Is Must

Manufacturing managers and supervisors often look blindly at welding operations without really understanding how to measure and assess productivity. A common phrase heard in the shop could be something along the lines of: “I see arc radiation flashing on and off, therefore, parts are getting welded.”

The danger with that is that competitors both locally and globally are introducing lean manufacturing methods to all aspects of their operations, including welding. They’re streamlining their processes and they’re doing so by keeping a thumb on every aspect of production – and every weld that’s being made.
Therefore, to remain competitive, companies must continually seek out ways to improve their welding quality and productivity. Too many companies, however, aren’t looking at their welding processes at a granular level, which means that they can’t maximize profit potential or, worse yet, they lose orders due to inefficient welding methods.

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